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Chart Your Course at the Career Development Center

By Tyrik Dedrick

Spectrum Staff Writer

Here at Bowie State University, we come for an opportunity. An opportunity to advance our lives and become productive members of society in whatever career path we choose.

However, a piece of paper costing tens of thousands of dollars by the time you’re done can only get you so far. So, what are students to do when they are trying to chart their path to the future? This is where the Career Development Center (CDC) comes in. Students can access the center by stopping past its office on the third floor of the Student Center or by visiting the Career Development Center website.

The home page of the CDC website greets students with a welcome message about the office and what they do. This sounds great on paper, but how well does this translate through the eyes of the students here at Bowie State University who are likely asking how the center can help them jump start their careers?

Chinomngo Nwaobilor, a transfer student from Anne Arundel Community College, said he had little knowledge of the CDC and its services, adding that the university "could promote it in depth during orientation and by advertising their website more."

As a computer technology major, Nwaobilor said he would like the CDC to help him learn more about his future career and to help him make connections with alumni.  students.

Bayayana Melchishua, a junior biology major, said she was aware of the center's services, but said there are ways to raise its visibility among students. “They could show me the best match and connections,” she said. “I think that it could be more informative for students because a lot of students don’t know about it and lots of students aren’t aware.”

The Career Development Center is a place that should get more foot traffic than it does. On a recent visit to the center, it was clear that the office has a fraction of the students in their space compared to lower floors of the Student Center that are packed with students in the cafeteria, bookstore, banquet rooms, game rooms, movie theater and cafes.

Kayla Argente, a freshman nursing major who had never heard of the CDC, said the center could raise its profile by putting up notices and signs around campus. “It should be a place to help out all majors," she said, "... and offer research as well as counsel."