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India Shelton Has Designs on Fashion Career

By Candice Teal

Spectrum Staff Writer

Bowie State prides itself on maintaining a supportive academic environment. This environment has enabled and inspired, undergraduate student India Shelton to follow her dreams and pursue a career in fashion.

Shelton is a senior broadcast journalism major at Bowie State. Even though fashion is not her major, it is a huge part of who she is as an individual.  “I love the fashion program here,” said Shelton. “They have accepted me even though I’m not even a fashion major.”

Shelton got started with fashion at a very early age. As long as she could remember, she’s always had a knack for style.

“I always wanted to pick out what I wanted to wear,” Shelton said, “pick out my mom’s clothes, and match with my big sister.”

Shelton started making clothes when she was in the eighth grade. Her very first designs were belts and bows made out of candy wrappers that she made for herself and her friends. She got a sewing machine in her junior year in high school, but she produced her first garment her freshman year of college.

As far as inspiration for her clothes, she gets inspired by almost anything. “I’m really into color. Color is my thing,” she explained.

Shelton’s clothes and talent have not gone unnoticed. Recently, the fashion entrepreneur was asked to design and make a gown for YesImPrettyVee for the BET Social Awards. When asked how the experience was she said, “It was so crazy. I was so happy that I worked it out.”

Shelton is making strides to improve her business mind. She is currently taking online entrepreneur classes to learn the ins and outs of how to run a business.

“The ultimate goal is to have my own store online and in person,” Shelton said, adding that she hopes this goal will aid her in doing what she loves while also being able to live comfortably.

“I don’t believe in having a job just to make money,” she said. “I believe that you should be doing something that you care about.”

On a personal level, she said she believes that putting yourself out there is the best way to be successful. She is also a strong believer that everything takes time, and that you shouldn’t rush anything. Taking pride in what she does, and how she does it is a main priority for Shelton.

“Stay true to yourself-period,” she said.