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Engaging BSU's Young Alumni Pays Dividends



By Christian Robinson

Being actively engaged alumni starts with being an actively engaged student, said Bowie State University Director of Alumni Engagement Carla Henry Hopkins.

“Finding interests and passions that support and enhance your undergraduate experience; ultimately leads to an intimate connection with your institution that is lifelong,” Hopkins said.

Here are a few tips, Hopkins said, that will help young alumni to better engage with the university after they graduate:

  1. Be aware: Find out what’s going on with your university. Stay up to date with not only the universities events but your department as well. If there’s a professor you’ve developed a fondness for, keep in touch.
  2. Be active: Find out what you can do to give back to your university. You were a student once; think of the things you wish your university would have done for you. Establish bonds with current students - be it a mentorship, internship, or even helping them find their first jobs. Let future alumni learn from your mistakes.
  3. Attend events: Show your face and keep in touch with your peers. Attend not only university events, but alumni association events as well. You never know who can help you out as well; networking is the key to any successful individual.
  4. Understand identity and diversity: No two people are exactly the same, no matter how similar they may be. Build your personal identity in order to help you appreciate the commonality of being a Bowie State University graduate and create opportunities in which you can help upcoming alumni do the same. Be it workshops, events, fundraisers, etc.

Being an actively engaged graduate is helpful not only to your university, but to young alumni. A little help goes a long way in creating a network among current and graduated bulldogs.

“Lastly, they should financially support their alma mater with whatever gift is comfortable for them --- and consistently,” Hopkins said.