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BSU Students Get Updates on Parking, New Dining Service at Town Hall


By Brittany N. Gaddy 

The Bowie State University Town Hall held on Feb. 19 answered students’ questions about their parking concerns and introduced a new carry-out meal program, along with other advancements to student life.

The student government association organized the meeting. It began with residents voicing their opinions about the recent mandate for them to park in Lot I (behind Leonidas S. James Physical Education Complex) instead of Lot P (behind the Christa McAuliffe Residential Complex).

Some residents questioned if their safety would be compromised because of the distance they would have to walk from Lot I to their residence halls. Senior Class Vice President Sa’Miya Wooten, a psychology major, asked if there would be a 24-hour escort service. “As college students, we come in at different times,” she said.

Bowie State Campus Police Chief Ernest Waiters ensured residents that there would be an escort service. But he cautioned residents that the police dispatch for an escort may take a while if the officer is on a “call for service.”

Interim Vice President of Student Affairs Dr. April L. Johnson said that a parking consultant report recommended the change of the residents' parking lot. The report said that opening Lot P for faculty, students, and commuters “would open up the flow of traffic.”

According to Johnson, this recommendation went before the Parking, Safety, and Traffic Committee, which represented a shared governance between faculty, staff, and students. “I do not want you guys to leave here thinking that it was a decision that came from the administration,” she said.

Currently, an action-item committee is being formed so students can continue to share parking advice. “We are open to having this separate action committee to figure out how we make this a win-win for everybody on campus so that we can implement it in the summer,” said Johnson.

Wade G. Henley, the assistant vice president for auxiliary services, introduced On-The-Go, a carry-out meal program of BSU dining services. The program provides meal plan holders with containers to fill with food from the dining hall.  On-The-Go can be used only after it is added to students’ BSU ID cards from the Bulldog Card Office.

Auxiliary Services also introduced a cloud-based printer kiosk.  Students can use the kiosk to print up to 50 pages a day. The kiosks are located on the third floor of the Student Center and in the Alex Haley Residence Hall.

The Pawlor, a student operated barbershop and salon, is also expected to make its debut soon in the Student Center Game Room. Details about the operation are still underway.