Department of Counseling

Program Requirements

To earn the Master of Arts degree in mental health counseling, you must complete 60 credit hours for licensure in the state of Maryland. In addition, you must fulfill the requirements of three field experiences for a total of 1,000 hours, the maximum number of pre-degree field hours needed for licensure in the state of Maryland. Here is what to expect in the program:

  • After admission, you will get an advisor to review your program options and help you develop a plan of study.
  • Most students study part time in a set sequencing of six levels of courses, with slight variations made to accommodate full-time students. Advanced courses require prerequisites that are reflected in the program sequencing.
  • The first three levels of courses build your foundation in mental health counseling, including theory and practice, legal and ethical issues, and multicultural counseling.
  • After completing a comprehensive exam, you will complete a series of advanced courses in the remaining three levels, including 1,000 field hours.

Course Sequencing