Department of Teaching, Learning and Professional Development

Project RISE

Project RISE (Research Institute for Scholars in Education), is a collaborative partnership between Bowie State University (BSU) and the University of Maryland, College Park (UMCP).

This project will equip and inspire 12 pathway Fellows per year to pursue future doctoral study to advance knowledge in language and literacy. This program provides research-skills training and mentoring for undergraduate students from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds.

The elements of the fellowship experience include:

  • A full-time, 8-week summer research seminar AND a two-week winter seminar with faculty involvement from both universities
  • Immersion in high-quality quantitative, and mixed methods research by faculty at UMCP
  • Sustained support for Fellows by faculty at BSU to hone their academic skills (both oral and written communication), and to receive information about graduate school and careers as well as assistance in applying for such programs
  • Peer mentoring from graduate students

Program Requirements

  • Citizens or permanent U.S. residents
  • Two letters of recommendation, personal statement, transcript, in-person interview
  • Enrolled as full-time undergraduate student at BSU or UMCP
  • Apply as juniors, participate as seniors
  • Interested in language and literacy in interdisciplinary contexts
  • Willing to commit to year-round program beginning summer
  • Available for 10 hours per semester (fall and spring) to work on research projects with mentors
  • Demonstrated prior leadership or community involvement during freshman or sophomore years

Application & Instructions