Nursing Major

What You'll Learn

What You’ll Learn: End-of-Program Student Learning Outcomes (EPSLOs)


What sets us apart from other programs?

We are passionate about increasing the number of qualified people of color in the nursing profession. We believe well-rounded students make the best nurses.  Our liberal arts-based curriculum is infused with content from the social sciences, arts, humanities, and computer science, as well as health and science. The nursing program creates opportunities for nursing school graduates in a broad range of healthcare-related careers.

As a nursing major, at the end of the program, you will achieve the following outcomes:

  1. Implement the nursing process and caring behaviors with individuals, families, and communities.  
  2. Utilize critical thinking and clinical reasoning to promote optimal wellness with individuals, families and communities.  
  3. Utilize communication, technology, and inter-professional collaboration to provide safe and effective nursing care.  
  4. Integrate culturally congruent care concepts for clients across the lifespan.  
  5. Utilize evidence-based findings for clinical decision-making in nursing practice.  
  6. Apply health policies from legislative and governing bodies into clinical nursing practice while adhering to legal and ethical principles. 
  7. Demonstrate the ability to address the changing health care needs of diverse populations representing the global community.

The baccalaureate nursing program prepares students to become generalists practicing within the ethical and legal framework of professional nursing. Your education will equip you to not only meet the changing health care needs of diverse populations, but it will also prepare you to be a leader.