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2016-2018 Officers

Mr. Ricardo C. Mitchell, HOF

1st Vice President
Ms. Anita D. Ford

2nd Vice President
Dr. John Word, HOF

Recording Secretary
Ms. Rene Howard, HOF

Mr. Larry Johnson

Mr. Anthony Jefferson

Financial Secretary
Ms. Monique R. White-Chiselom

Correspondence Secretary
Ms. Rosalee (Rose) Coleman

Mr. Dione Bowlding, HOF

Bowie State University Alumni Association Elections: Your Vote Counts!

The Bowie State University National Alumni Association, Inc. (BSUNAA) was founded in 1939. The primary purposes of the BSUNAA are:

  • to advance the cause of education
  • to establish a mutually beneficial relationship between Bowie State University and the National Alumni Association, Inc.
  • to financially aid students who wish to attend Bowie State University
  • to financially aid Bowie State University

The board of directors is charged with conducting the business of BSUNAA, increasing alumni participation and supporting the mission, vision and goals of Bowie State University. The BSUNAA will hold elections to elect officers for the 2018 – 2020 Biennium. All Bowie State University Alumni are encouraged to apply for nomination. Please share this information with other eligible members.

Officers to Be Elected


The President is Chief Executive Officer of the Bowie State University National Alumni Association. The BSUNAA President will develop and preside over all the meetings; appoint committee chairpersons; appoint and delegate responsibilities to the committees; act as the official representative of BSUNAA presenting the views of the Association to the University and the general public; represent the Association at University and/or any public events which requires alumni representation; support fundraising activities; and assist with the development of a mutually beneficial relationship between the Association and University.

Vice President

The Vice President will preside in the absence of the President assuming all his/her powers and duties; serve as Ex-Officio member of the Membership Committee; assist the President with the public relations efforts of the Association; and assist with chapter development, reactivation, and establishment of new chapters.

Recording Secretary

The Recording Secretary will keep a ledger and take minutes on the proceedings of various committees and all matters which a record shall be deemed advisable by the Association. The Recording Secretary will keep a file of approved minutes and records; communications received; copies of letters sent; and a roster of members, committees, officers, association representatives, and other personnel.

Correspondence Secretary

The Corresponding Secretary sends out all notices of general and special meetings of the Association and Executive Committee, including letters of thanks to speakers and guests; reminders to members assigned special duties; notifications to persons and committees affected by action taken; and answer all correspondence promptly.


The Treasurer serves as Chairperson of the Budget and Planning Committee; receives all monies from the Financial Secretary and shall provide a monthly report of all monetary instruments collected and deposited in the name of the Association; keep separate records of various funds and maintain bank accounts and statements in the name of the Association; reconcile bank statements monthly; disburse monies and funds according to the approved budget and approved programs and activities; and prepare and present regular monthly financial statements and reports to the Board of Directors and the general body. The Treasurer must be bonded.

Financial Secretary

The Financial Secretary receives all monies and monetary instruments of the Association; issue receipts; keep monetary records; deposit monies or monetary instruments with the Treasurer in the name of the Association; safeguard collected monetary instruments in a locked area and make weekly deposits; provides Treasurer with a monthly report of all monetary instruments collected and deposited, along with all original deposit slips in the name of the Association; and prepares and presents monthly and annual financial reports to the Board of Directors. The Financial Secretary must be bonded.

Qualifications for Application and Nomination

  • Must hold a degree from Bowie State University
  • Must have graduated at least 3 years prior to the election
  • Must be a dues paying member in good standing
  • Must demonstrate engagement and support for the University’s programs

Nomination Requirements

  • Photo (head shot)
  • Bio (one page or less)
  • Statement of Intent (paragraph or less)

Submit a Nomination

Nominations must be submitted by March 11, 2016.

Nomination and Election Timeline

January 20, 2018
- Submit plan to National Association

February 1, 2018
- Letters to Presidents
- Letters to Members
- Information posted on Bowie State University Website
- Distribution of flyers on nomination and election

March 1, 2018
- Nominations due

March 1-10, 2018
- Verify eligibility of candidates

March 15, 2018
- Mail ballots to members

April 30, 2018
- Due date for return of ballots

May 19, 2018
- Presentation of election results to National Association

June 16, 2018
- Installation of officers at Annual Alumni Meeting

June 18-24, 2018
- Orientation of new officers


More Information

Addie L. Martin, Chair
Goodloe Alumni House (Office of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving)
301-860-4327 or 301-868-6081