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BSU Love Stories - I-M

  Preston James (‘96) & Kia James (‘01)

We were both in the band. I was a Sensation flag girl and he was a percussionist. We spent so much time enjoying each other's company and that led to us getting married in 2001.




 Alvis Jenkins (‘08) & Quiana Jenkins (‘07)

We met outside of Holmes Hall on the wall back in 2003. I can remember tricking him into getting his phone number. LOL We started off as really good friends because I had a boyfriend at the time, but we have been together ever since. Love you Al! 


 Brandon Jones (‘13) & Donnette Jones (‘14)

It was the first week of school in fall of 2010 when Brandon and Donnette met at the infamous promenade where BSU students would hang around and enjoy the weather. It was also when Brandon asked Donnette to go to an event to celebrate the beginning of the school year. They remained friends after that until they began dating in 2012. The couple got engaged on May 27, 2017 and got married on September 1st of the following year.


 Larry King, Sports Hall of Fame (‘74, ‘85) & Cleo King

I heard that a young lady was looking to start a Tri State (NY, NJ, PA) Pre-Alumni Chapter on campus.  She needed my approval, as president of the SGA, and I said yes. From then on....I don't know what happen…Been married for 48 years...




Eugene Lott (‘06) & Valerie Lott (‘04)

I could be here all day telling this story, but in the fall of 2003 I met my wife to be. We both lived in Alex Haley Hall - Valerie on the 4th floor and I was on the 6th. I asked my RA, her friend Natalie, and her other friend Monica about Valerie.

Every day, I saw Valerie in Haley or on the yard and I made it a point to be extra. LOL I would hold the door or elevator while she was 20 or 30 feet away. I would tell her how nice she looked no matter what she was wearing.

I then got my chance after football practice. She was sitting at the front desk of Haley with Natalie and I was sweaty coming from practice. She told me her name and I told her mine. I asked her to wait and told her I would be right back to give her a hug. I ran upstairs, took a shower, did 100 pushups and covered myself in cocoa butter lotion. I put on a sleeveless shirt (to show the guns) and went back down and gave her the strongest embrace she ever had.

But from that point forward, through ups and downs and countless memories together on the yard (from wearing my number to the games, being there with me with a broken leg, etc.), 15 years later, two beautiful daughters and just celebrating 10 years of marriage, I would not change a thing! Being at Bowie State brought us together and keeps us together! (I’m sure her story is Wayyy Different) LOL

 Ed Martin (‘75) & Martine Martin (‘74)

It was the summer of 1972 when I was encouraged by my brother Glenn Martin, who was attending Bowie State University at the time, to come down for the summer and take classes. I was on a football and wrestling scholarship at Howard University and had suffered two serious injuries that year.

When Glenn attended my last wrestling match at Howard and saw how bandaged up I was, I explained to him I didn’t know if I could get healthy enough for the August football camp. That is when he invited me to Bowie State for the summer and said if I liked it stay, if not go back and finish your scholarship obligation.

Well once my new roomie and I finished unpacking my gear, we were coming out of the back door of Kenard Hall and saw a lovely group of BSU ladies heading to the student union. I stopped my roommate and asked about one of the ladies in the group.

I pursued Martine with a vengeance. She had no qualms about letting me know that she did not like me and to leave her alone. My persistence paid off and we now have been married 42 years. Both of our kids are BSU graduates as well.

 John Moore, Jr. (‘77) & Patricia Milligan-Moore (‘76)

The beginning of our life together... Patricia was the Director of Secretarial Affairs and I was their Director of Financial Affairs for the Student Government Association. I referred to her as Miss Milligan and she called me Mr. Moore. For months, no one knew either of us had interest in the other...then it happened.

Now, after 36 years of marriage and knowing each other for over 44 years, we have three daughters - Kaisha, Karlene (deceased), and Dr. Carlitta Moore. Patricia retired after 32 years of service with Charter Communications; while I continue to work (21 years) for the Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office in Charlotte, NC.

I take this moment to share that I value the education I earned while attending BSU; and, the one person who became my reason for living.


 William (Tygir) Murphy (‘96) & Karen Chavis Murphy (‘94)

My husband and I met in middle school, dated in high school, and fell in love at Bowie State University. He was a Computer Science Major and I was studying Journalism. He tutored me in math and science, and I helped him with his research papers. There was something about us working, learning, and striving together that helped us realize we were meant to be together.

We married in December 1994, six months after my BSU graduation, and we are still in love almost 25 years later. Now, one of our daughters is a freshman at BSU, and we pray she will cultivate the same lasting friendships and lifelong love we found at BSU.