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BSU Volunteerism

Caring, engaged alumni are vital to the strength and prominence of Bowie State University (BSU). The institution looks to its alumni for the energy, devotion, and wisdom for continuous reinvention, while at the same time preserving the unique legacy that is BSU. This is the heart of volunteering for BSU.

There are thousands of alumni who serve in relevant, active volunteer roles for BSU. Individuals who volunteer have a variety of opportunities to make a difference for BSU. Some examples include:

  • BSU clubs and associations are dynamic sources of alumni activity encompassing diverse programs and events. The clubs and associations are always in need of fresh ideas and new volunteers for many fun and varied roles.
  • Provide students and alumni with valuable insight into your profession, industry and graduate school experience by offering informational interviews through alumni career connections.
  • Engage with alumni in your class. Work with your class leaders to shape lifelong learning programs for your generation.
  • Interview high school students in your area with the BSUNAA chapters to help BSU recruit the very best individuals for future classes.
  • As a volunteer, you are giving back to your alma matter. You decide what type of activity is of personal significance to you. Every contribution is of significance to BSU.