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Dr. Joseph Green, '90 and Dr. Rufus Barfield, '84

When planning for the University of Central Florida's first annual Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Scholars Summer Research Institute, Dr. Joseph Green, program director, was advised by the dean of undergraduate studies to contact one of the University's young, talented professors to provide a seminar on delivering effective research presentations. Dr. Green took this advice and contacted the professor, Dr. Rufus Barfield. The call was answered, "Hello, Dr. Barfield speaking." Dr. Green said, "Dr. Barfield, I was given your name by my supervisor, Dean John Schell. He thought you would provide and excellent presentation for the UCF McNair scholars." Dr. Barfield replied, "Sure, I can." Prior to ending the conversation, Dr. Barfield asked Green what brought him to UCF and where he did his studies. Green explained that he did his undergraduate studies at Bowie State University. Barfield said that he did as well, and that he went on to complete his PhD at Howard University. Surprisingly, Barfield stated, "So did I."

The discussion then led to many similarities these two professionals had in common. Green remarked that he played football at Bowie State, was team captain, and ran track. Barfield said that he had played football at Bowie as well and also ran track. Barfield also mentioned that his sister, Josaline, attended Bowie State and that his father had been president of the University at one time.

The two men shared stories of the many people whom they both knew, including the legendary Coates twins, Keith and Kevin, Coach John Organ, Coach Dave Dolch, former Dean of Students Pat Wheeler, and many others. However, there was one area where the two men took different paths. Dr. Barfield is very proud man of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, whereas Green is a proud brother of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity. However, Dr. Barfield added that his father coincidentally is a member of Phi Beta Sigma as well. Of the many things both men found they have in common, one thing holds true, which is, "the lessons they learned at Bowie State have been extremely instrumental in providing the foundation for success." Dr. Green had the opportunity to return to the University last spring to hold a book signing for the release of his first book, the CHOICE. Dr. Green was thrilled to meet a number of faculty and former classmates to discuss the publishing process. Dr. Barfield a tenured associate professor of communications, and president of the Washington Group of Communications, which provides national studies in the field of communications among his many duties.

Both conclude by saying, "Bowie State was a wonderful place to mature as a young man in a safe, nurturing, yet challenging environment." This story goes to show that Bulldogs are everywhere, setting example and making their mark.

If you are interested in contacting:
Dr. Rufus Barfield
University of Central Florida
Nichols School of Communication, COM 229
Orlando, FL 32816
Phone: 407-823-6457

Dr. Joseph Green
McNair and RAMP Scholars Programs
University of Central Florida, Classroom Bldg. 1, Room 302L
PO Box 162001
Orlando, FL 32816-2001
Phone: 407-823-1818