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Financial Education Literacy

A large percentage of the Bowie State students receive financial aid. Of those students receiving financial aid, an overwhelming majority are using federal student loans to pay for their college education. BSU realized this fact, as well as the national college trend of increasing student debt. Many of these students are using student loans for more than just their education or living expenses while in college. Students often use their student loan refund money to go on trips, shopping sprees, purchase new cars, electronics, and other items beyond their means. In addition, students were opening and using multiple credit cards.

Our goal is to improve the financial well-being of our students by providing tools to achieve financial independence.

Through a collaborative campus wide partnership the University provides the following efforts to raise awareness: a 3 credit Personal Finance course (FINANCE 222), workshops for students on Financial Education/Literacy , a FREE online personal finance tool, and one-on-one sessions.

For more information visit the Financial Literacy web page.