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Campus Safety Staff


Chief of Police, Campus Safety

Email:  Phone:  (301) 860-4051

Chief Waiters is currently the Chief of Police/Director of Public Safety at Bowie State University. He has served in that position since July of 2006.  He has also served as the National President of the Historically Black Colleges and Universities Law Enforcement Executives and Administrators for 2008-2010; an organization that provides campus safety training to campus safety executive.

Prior to his arriving at Bowie State University he served as a Special Investigator for the Prince George's County State's Attorney's Office investigating felony handgun violations. He retired from the Prince George's County Police Department at the rank of Captain after 23 years of service. He has served in the ranks of police Sergeant, Lieutenant and Captain.  He served in the capacity of Internal Affair Investigator; Commander of Narcotic Enforcement Division; Commander of District IV Police Station.  He has also received extensive training in Campus Emergency Management and was the Conference Chair for the 2010 HBCU-LEEA 11th Annual Training Conference.

Chief Waiters received his undergraduate degree from Columbian Union College and a Master of Public Administration from Bowie State University.  Chief Waiters served five years in the United States Army District of Columbian National Guard attached to the 52nd Military Police Company.


Captain, Campus Safety

Email:  Phone:  (301) 860-4046

Captain Hall has been a Bowie State University Police Officer for seventeen years.  He was promoted through the ranks to Captain.  He has served in the rank of Police Officer, Sergeant and Lieutenant.  He came to BSU from the Maryland State Police.

Currently, he serves as the Police Accreditation Manager.  In his capacity, he is responsible for the management of the department's accreditation program.  His current duties include identifying the standards for accreditation and writing policies and procedures to obtain accreditation.

The Accreditation Manager also manages the implementation of project CapWIN and other public safety projects and initiatives.  Captain Hall oversees the purchasing of police cars, supplies, equipment and serves as the quartermaster supplying necessary uniforms for the police officers.


Lieutenant, Campus Safety

Email:  Phone:  (301) 860-4054

Lieutenant Grays came to Bowie State University Police Department in 2006 after serving over 20 years with the Prince George's County Police Department.  He retired at the rank of Lieutenant.  Lt. Grays brings a wealth of police experience and knowledge.  During his tenure with the Price George's County Police Department he served in the Special Operations Divisions; Executive Protection Unit, Communication Division and Education and Training Division.

Currently, Lt. Grays serves as the BSU Commander of Police Operations.  In this capacity he commands police officers, security guards, police dispatchers.  Lt. Grays ensures the delivery of police, security and communication service to the university community 24 hours, 7 days a week.  He also serves as the Commander of Criminal Investigations.  He ensures that all crime and related matters are investigated.

Lt. Grays received his BS degree in Sociology/Criminal Justice in 2002 from Bowie State University.  He is currently at the University of Maryland completing a Master's Degree in Homeland Security. 


Program Management Specialist, Campus Safety

Email:  Phone:  (301) 860-4050

Ms. Meehan has served as the Program Management Specialist (PMS) for the Department of Public Safety (DPS) since 2005.  She oversees the Department of Public Safety Records and ensures compliance with mandated State and Federal crime reporting. This includes compiling, organizing and preparing data to complete the Cleary Disclosure of Campus Security Policies, Crime Statistics and Fire Safety Report and the Uniform Crime Report. 

Ms. Meehan ensures that information compiled in the University's Emergency Management Book is in compliance with the University System of Maryland Policy on Emergency Preparedness, including the information posted on the Campus Public Safety website.   

She is the police record-keeper for all the police related incident reports that must be categorized correctly as defined in the Uniform Crime Reporting Handbook and retained for ten years. She ensures police incidents are properly classified on police report and filed.

Ms. Meehan assists in administrating and managing the University's Parking Program which includes administrating and issuing parking permits and responding to parking and ticket complaints. 

She is the department's budget manager and administers all financial matters which include ensuring all invoices are paid timely and purchases are made as authorized by the Chief of Police.

Ms. Meehan provides legal assistance at Police Administrative Hearings and transcribes proceedings for Suspension Hearings involving internal matters as directed by the Chief of Police.

Marie Meehan is a twenty year employee with the DPS. Prior to her employment at BSU, she was a stay-at-home mom who worked in her home as a transcriber for a court reporter and was a bookkeeper for a law firm. She also worked four years at Metropolitan Life Insurance Company.

Through the course of her work experience at BSU, she has attended many classes to improve her secretarial skills, customer service skills, as well as several diversity seminars. 


Police Communications Supervisor

Email:  Phone:  (301) 860-4040

LaVel is the Police Communications Supervisor; she manages the day-to-today operation in the Police Communication Department.  LaVel coordinates Ticket Adjudications, Flagging of Tags, Placing Holds/ Removing Holds, Surveillance and many other duties and assignments.  Ms. Jones serves as one of the contact person within Public Safety to assist with Holds, Incidents, and Tickets.   She has many other duties and responsibilities in the Public Safety office, but her most enjoyable work is assisting and helping the Campus Communities. 

Ms. Jones is also a go to person who can get you answers she is very resourceful and reliable.  She deals with confidential/sensitive information on a day to day basis.  Ms. Jones also handles request from other agencies to assist with various task. 

LaVel has also worked with other Police Agencies to assist within their Mobile Command Post to ensure safety on the Campus for various events.  She has been a dedicated employee of the Department of Public Safety for over 17 years and enjoys her job. 


Administrative Assistant to the Chief of Police

Email:  (301) 860-4048

Shirley Williams has been a contracted employee with BSU as an Administrative Assistant to the Chief of Police since August, 2009.

Ms. Williams assists Chief Waiters closely in proofing letters, memos, scheduling appointments and preparing for special events.  Her assistance is not limited to only the chief in this department but to assist all Officers and other staff members when needed.

She also assists in selling parking hang tags; data capture and update student, faculty and staff information cards for the parking permits, resolve ticket issues (i.e. payments, hearing scheduling) as well as assisting as clerk during the hearings.

Her position here consists of a wide range also assisting visitors when on BSU property.