Covid Speak Deconstructed

July 29, 2021

Understanding BSU Campus Procedures

With the growing list of instructions and new terminology related to the campus response to COVID-19 and the return to campus plans, there is understandable confusion among members of the campus community. The listing below is a quick reference guide of the key terms and facts that you need to know.

Vaccination Compliance   

All students, faculty and staff returning for the fall semester must be fully vaccinated and report that status to the university or have a medical or religious exemption approved by the university. Report your vaccination status or request an exemption.

Fully Vaccinated    

Two doses of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines or one dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine plus a two week wait to allow antibodies to fully develop.

Required Testing    

Two testing schedules are in place for persons returning to BSU:

  • Vaccinated persons – test every 30 days
  • Unvaccinated persons with exemptions – test twice per week

Masking Requirement     

Masking continues to be important to mitigate spread of the COVID-19 virus.

  • Inside - Masks required inside all BSU buildings for all persons, both vaccinated and non–vaccinated
  • Outside - Masks can be removed outside

Daily Symptom Screening     

A short four-question survey to asses if you have any COVID-19 symptoms to be completed daily on your phone or computer before coming to campus. Complete your symptom survey in the Wellness Patient Portal.

Wellness Patient Portal    

An online portal of the Henry Wise Wellness Center to process COVID-19 data for the BSU Community and schedule appointments for testing or vaccination. It manages the badging system for indicating wellness status.

Green Badge    

The green badge in the Wellness patient portal indicates an individual is in full compliance with completion of vaccination, daily screening and testing. Individuals with a green badge have free access to the campus entrance and campus buildings.

Yellow Badge    

The yellow badge indicates action needed to be in compliance - either testing or daily screening is missing. To access campus with a yellow badge, an appointment for testing that day must be shown or daily screening completed.

Red Badge    

Red badge indicates report of a potential COVID-19 symptom or a positive COVID-19 test.

Campus Access    

Security officers at each campus entrance will check badges for all students, faculty and staff entering the campus. You may also be asked to display the green badges for entry into some buildings. Visitors will complete a symptom survey and temperature check and be provided a wristband to indicate visitor status. 

It will take each of us doing our part to protect the BSU community as we return to full capacity operation for the fall semester. Please visit the website for details about vaccination and testing available at the university each week.

If you have questions about the return-to-campus transition, please email  and monitor the COVID-19 Updates web section for the latest information