Coronavirus Update

March 12, 2020

IT Security:  Urgent - Avoid Coronavirus Cyber Security Threats

As most of us are already aware, the world is dealing with a global pandemic named COVID-19. Everyone wants enough information to keep themselves and their family and loved ones safe from becoming infected. Cyber criminals are using our desire for more information to create an opportunity to steal login credentials, download malware to devices, and steal confidential information from accounts. To avoid being a victim of cyber criminals, it’s important to only open links from official government agencies and only open e-mails and attachments from people you know and expect such information from. We advise that you:

  1. Visit BSU website and only official government websites.
  2. Avoid clicking on links that claim to have information on live coronavirus maps because most of them are malware delivering websites
  3. Remember your IT Security awareness training on password security, malicious links, social engineering and email spoofing, etc.
  4. Avoid websites and/or forms that request your information in order to provide live updates to you regarding the coronavirus. Most of these start phishing campaigns after they receive your information.
  5. To get information on the COVID-19, visit the Center for Disease Control (CDC) official website at

For more information on how to keep yourself and your loved ones safe on the internet during this period, please feel free to reach out to the IT Security department at