September 30 Student Vaccination Deadline Approaching

September 9, 2021

Bowie State expended tremendous resources exceeding $7 million to assure that our students had no financial challenges this fall to hinder their academic progression. Yet as the September 30 deadline for students to be fully vaccinated approaches, many are at risk of being dis-enrolled. Those who enrolled for the fall semester did so in full knowledge of the vaccination requirement to attend classes announced on April 23 and throughout the summer. Temporary online links to in-person classes will not be available after the deadline and non-compliant students will be removed from those classes. Students must complete their last vaccine dose by September 16 to achieve full vaccination by the deadline to avoid dis-enrollment.

Consequences of Dis-enrollment

  • Student accounts will be frozen
  • Tuition and fee refunds will not be available
  • A portion of financial aid received will have to be repaid
  • Students will not be eligible for any CARES relief funds for Spring 2022
  • A semester of progress toward graduation will be lost.

Advantages of Vaccine Compliance

The more than 70 percent of students who have completed vaccination are doing their part to protect themselves and the campus community. We commend them for staying focused on achieving their academic goals.  With compliance comes privileges:

  • Full benefit of the $7.9 million in CARES debt relief
  • Eligibility for additional CARES relief in Spring 2022
  • Eligibility for a free Dell or Apple laptop for every student enrolled after September 30
  • Free access to all campus resources including library, counseling and tutoring services
  • Full participation in campus activities, including homecoming

How to Meet the Vaccination Deadline

The window to achieve compliance is quickly closing for any student who has not begun the vaccination process. The Johnson and Johnson vaccine will enable you to be fully compliant in just 14 days. Bowie State has the J&J as well as the Pfizer and, Moderna vaccines readily available by appointment or walk-in at the Wellness Center. For those who continue to be hesitant, we emphasize that these vaccines have all proven to be safe and effective in preventing serious illness and death from COVID-19 so students are encouraged to act now to protect yourselves and rejoin the Bowie State community. Proof of vaccination cards should be uploaded to the  Wellness Patient Portal.

Assistance is needed from all members of the campus community to implore any student that you know has not been vaccinated to act now before the impending deadline. We must educate and support our students to make wise decisions for their future. 

A student and family Information Session will be held on Monday, September 13 at 6:00 p.m. to review the financial and educational consequences for those students who face dis-enrollment from the university. Use this link to Join the Information Session.

If you have any questions about the requirements for the return to campus, please email and monitor the COVID-19 Updates web section for the latest information.