BSU Students Achieve Encouraging Progress in Rate of Vaccination

September 23, 2021

The ongoing efforts to encourage all Bowie State students to get vaccinated has yielded significant success with 93 percent of all students registered for in-person class now compliant with the vaccination requirement in advance of the Sept. 30 extended deadline. This is a major achievement toward the goal to protect the health of all students and the entire BSU campus community from the expanding threat of the COVID-19 delta variant.

These students are now prepared to continue in their academic programs uninterrupted and fully participate in all campus activities, including the homecoming events beginning this weekend.  Each student must continue to complete the daily symptom survey and get COVID-19 tests as required to maintain a green badge in the Wellness Patient Portal.

Wellness Patient Portal Review

  1. How do I access the BSU patient portal? Use your web browser to log in at Vaccination cards and COVID-19 test results from outside labs can be uploaded from the main screen of the portal as well as access to the daily symptom survey.
  2. Where do I have to show my badge? The badge is required to gain access to campus at entry checkpoints, to enter the Student Center, dining hall and residence halls and upon request to enter classrooms, offices, and campus events. For easy access, take a screen shot of the badge daily for quick retrieval when needed.
  3. How do I add my photo to the badge? Click the menu button, top left with three line, to review your profile information and select Profile Picture to  upload a photo for easy identification when using the badge.
  4. Why is my badge yellow?The badge turns yellow because one of the items required to be in good standing is overdue. Read the badge for the outstanding item (lab or survey). If the lab test is overdue, you must make an appointment in the patient portal and show it at the gate with the yellow badge to access campus for testing.
  5. Why is my badge red? The badge turns red if your test COVID-19 is positive. You should not come to campus. You will be contacted by the Wellness Center staff regarding your care and for contact tracing.
  6. How do I schedule an appointment for a COVID test or vaccine? Go to and click on left upper button with three lines and then click on appointments. Select the desired test/vaccine then follow the prompts to sign the consent form. You can then choose the time for your appointment.
  7. Where is the COVID testing site?  The COVID testing site is located in Thurgood Marshall Library on the first floor by the elevators in Room 1200. It is open Monday through Friday 8am to 1pm. Closed 1-2pm for lunch and re-opens 2-3:30pm.
  8. What do I do if I get a message from Howard University to see lab results: Ignore the email. BSU puts all lab results from Howard University lab into the BSU patient portal so you only have to check in one place for labs and other health matters. Check
  9. What is the testing requirement for vaccinated students/employees? BSU vaccinated students and staff must get a PCR test once every 30 days.  Off campus COVID tests are allowed. Just upload a copy of the COVID-19/ SARS PCR lab result to the portal.  Email for technical difficulties.
  10. What is the testing requirement for exempt students/employees? Exempt students and employees must get a COVID test twice a week to be in good standing with a green badge to access campus.

We are encouraged by the growing response of our students to the urgent call for vaccination. We do now want to lose any Bulldogs from our community. If you have any questions about the requirements for the return to campus, please email and monitor the COVID-19 Updates web section for the latest information.