COVID-19 Update

All university offices have resumed in-person operations. Students, faculty & staff must be fully vaccinated or have an approved exemption to return to campus in the fall.

Fall 2021 Phased Return


The phased return for fall 2021 expands the original plan to provide gradual increase in density over the summer. We have operated at a low density level since fall 2020. We will gradually increase to medium density over the next few months before reaching pre-COVID full density in August to begin the fall semester. The phases are outlined below:

Phase 1: April 1 –May 31– Low Density - Assessing needs and assuring infrastructure to support increased campus density

  • Fall class schedules developed based on pre-COVID delivery modes with a small number of in-person classes for Summer Session II
  • Preparations for classroom readiness and return of furnishing to study spaces
  • Plan for expansion and communication of health and safety protocols
  • Prepare for campus vaccination operation
  • Update personnel procedures for telework and accommodations requests

Phase 2: June 1 – July 30 –  Medium Density – Limited Return

June 1 – June 30 -- Staff visit offices to assess need for any facilities or technology services to be completed prior to July 12 return-to-work day)

  • July 6 – Aug. 6 -- First phase of in-person instruction with limited classes in-person classes
  • July 12 -- All offices staffed for full 8 – 5 operations to respond to phone calls and provide in-person services
  • Limited on-campus activities permitted for entering freshmen, i.e. Bulldog Scholars, campus tours.

Phase 3: Aug 2 – Campus is fully operational, final preparations for student and faculty return

  • Residence halls open in mid-August.
  • Classes begin Aug. 30, in-person with the pre-COVID online offerings
  • Athletic competition schedules resume, beginning with fall football
  • A full program of student life and co-curricular programs for student engagement