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Student Leadership

Contact Info

For more information, contact Ms. Sharon Glaster at 301-860-3809 or send an email to You can also visit the office located in the Student Center, Suite 3008-H.


Whether it be in or out of the classroom, on or off campus, in the local, broader, global community or beyond, students experience leadership in different settings.  At Bowie State University we recognize that all students engage in some activities that involve the practice of leadership.   

As such, the Office of Student Leadership coordinates campus wide efforts to ensure that all students are given the opportunity to develop and hone their leadership skills.  We are committed to enhance students' learning and to facilitate intentional opportunities for students to actively understand their experiences. 

We recognize the importance of students' participation in their own leadership development and offer specific programs and services to support this growth.

Leadership development opportunities are available to all students and student groups.   


Workshops for Students

Experience Leadership:  Leadership BSU

Public Speaking:   It's How You Say It

Recognizing Your Leadership Styles:   Know Thyself

Financial Literacy:  Money, Money, Money, Money, Money

Social Media Etiquette:  You Used to Call Me on the Cell Phone

Self Discovery, Personal Values Assessment, Your Legacy:   Who Am I?

Embracing Diversity:  It's a Different World 

Health, Stress Management,  Meditation and Wellness:  Be Well

Networking:  You Can Get Anywhere from Here 

Accountability, Civility, Scholarship:  Core Values

Life Balance:  On The Run

Social Change:  What's Going On?  Let's Get Involved!

Polished, Poised, Professional :  How To Be


Leadership Topics, Workshops and Discussions for Student Clubs and Organizations

What's Your Leadership Style?

I'm a Leader, Now What?

Leadership 101 - Creating Your Leadership Vision and Carrying out your Mission

Leadership in Action :  Goal Setting, Delegation, Decision Making, Motivating Others, 

Creating Effective Teams

Team Building Exercises

Conflict Management and Resolution

Time Management


To schedule a student leadership development session for your organization, or for a team consultation, contact us at 301-860-3809 or email