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Looking for a Mentor? Become a Protégé

The Bowie State University Male Initiative mentoring program is for you! We are committed to help you achieve academic excellence and social integration on campus, as well as support your successful matriculation through college to graduation.

Protégé’s Role & Expectations:

  • Connect with your mentor on a regular basis
  • Be an open and consistent communicator with your mentor
  • Take advantage of resources and opportunities offered by mentor and program activities

Protégé's Responsibilities & Activities

  • Participate in BSU Male Initiative related activities, through IGNITE, M.E.N. or otherwise
  • Attend at least two BSU events per semester with your mentor
  • Participate in the yearly retreat
  • Attend the yearly Bowie State University Male Initiative Gathering
  • Provide constructive feedback

Click here to access the Protégé Registration Form.