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Section II - Faculty

II - 1.00 Policy on Appointment, Rank and Tenure of Faculty

II - 1.02 Policy on Faculty Academic Credentials

II - 1.07 Policy on the Employment of Adjunct Faculty

II - 1.10 Policy on Part-time Tenure - Track and Part-Time Tenured Faculty

II - 1.19 Policy on Comprehensive Review of Tenured Faculty

II - 1.20 Policy on Evaluation and the Performance of Faculty

II - 1.23 Policy on Maximum Annual Salary for Faculty

II - 1.24 Policy on Maximum Annual Salary for Faculty on Federal Grant

II - 1.25 Policy on Faculty Workload and Responsibilities

II - 2.00 Policy on Sabbatical Leave for Faculty and Professional Librarians

II - 2.20 Policy on Leave of Absence Without Pay

II - 3.00 Policy on Role of Faculty in the Development of Academic Policy

II - 3.10 Policy on Professional Commitment of Faculty

II - 3.20 Policy on Teaching Outside the Home Institution

II - 4.00 Policy on Faculty Grievance

II - 8.00 Policy on Faculty Retrenchment