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III - 1.30 - Policy on Academic Clemency

I. Policy and Purpose

In order to encourage students to resume their pursuit of a baccalaureate degree after an academic separation of at least five (5) calendar years from Bowie State University (BSU), BSU is authorized to apply an academic clemency policy, which may remove or reduce the burden of unsatisfactory or failing grades earned previously at BSU.

II. Applicability

Academic clemency shall only be granted to undergraduate students readmitted to BSU who have been separated from BSU for at least five (5) calendar years. The Provost, via the Registrar, the Department Chairs and the College Dean(s), shall ensure that the granting of academic clemency is in compliance with this policy.

III. Guidelines and Standards

A. A student must file a petition for clemency during the first semester following the student's re-admittance to BSU. The Petition for Academic Clemency Form may be secured from Office of the Registrar.

B. Students may petition for the removal of up to 16 credits along with the corresponding grades form courses previously taken at BSU. If clemency is granted and the courses have been expunged from the student's record, the grades will not be calculated into the student's GPA nor will the courses and the credits associated thereto be used toward graduation.

C. The student must present a Petition for Academic Clemency Form signed by the student, the student's Department Chair and the College Dean of the student's major department.

D. The signed form will be forwarded to the Office of the Registrar. This office reviews and processes the changes on the student's academic records.

IV. Result

A means by which to facilitate the academic pursuit of a returning student who shows academic promise by the mid-semester of his/her first semester back at BSU.

V. Definition



Effective Date: 01/24/2002
Revised Date: 06/11/2012