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III - 5.00 - Policy on Academic Calendar

I. Policy and Purpose

Bowie State University (BSU) shall establish an academic calendar to provide sufficient time for instruction and examinations consistent with the Board of Regents of the University System of Maryland (USM) and the Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC) regulations and to provide information concerning all official activities occurring at BSU and within USM institutions.

II. Applicability

A. Scope

1. All institutions of the USM follow a Common Academic Calendar to assist student planning, facilitate joint and cooperative programs and appointments, simplify student and faculty movement among institutions, and facilitate use of distance education technologies through the USM.

2. The Common Academic Calendar provides sufficient time for institution and examinations as recommended by the Middle States Association and as stipulated by the MHEC.

B. Eligibility

All students and faculty have the right to a timely submitted academic calendar.

C. Responsibility

The Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

III. Guidelines and Standards

A. The Academic Calendar will be adopted at least two (2) years in advance.

B. The common calendar will include a 14-week fall semester which begins before Labor Day, except in those calendar years when a start after Labor Day also can accommodate the requirements for class meeting time, interrupted by a two-day recess for Thanksgiving, and with the final examination period concluding on or before December 23.

C. The Common Calendar will include a minimum of a three (3) week period in January available for an academic mini-semester.

D. The Common Calendar will include a fourteen (14) week spring semester interrupted by a one-week common spring break, with the final examination concluding prior to Memorial Day.

E. The Academic Calendar also shall include summer semesters.

F. Also included, by semester, shall be information regarding starting and ending dates of classes, mid-term and final examinations, course-related administrative matters and other pre-scheduled University events and activities.

G. The Provost, in consultation with the Deans, shall coordinate the compiling and scheduling of academic calendar material.

H. Within the common framework, the President shall be authorized to adjust class time to meet instructional needs.

I. Members of the President's Cabinet shall provide the Office of Academic Affairs with scheduled dates of events and activities for which their offices are responsible to be listed in the academic calendar.

J. The Provost shall submit the Academic Calendar to the Faculty Senate for review.

K. All agreed-upon Academic Calendar will be presented to the President or his/her designee for approval. Each member of the President's Cabinet shall be a signatory to the calendar.

L. Upon concurrence with calendar dates and approval by the President, he/she will forward the Academic Calendar to the Chancellor for approval by June 1 for the upcoming academic year, including information such as registration periods, drop/add periods and commencement dates as well as dates for summer sessions.

M. Upon approval of the calendar by the Chancellor, the Provost shall implement the publication and dissemination of the academic calendar.

IV. Result

A means by which all academic dates are articulated and disseminated in a timely manner to the Chancellor, students and faculty.

V. Exceptions and Deviations


VI. Definitions



Effective Date: 01/31/2002
Revised Date: 06/11/2012