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III - 4.32 - Policy on Tuition and Fee Refunds

I. Policy and Purpose

This policy outlines circumstances in which refunds for tuition and fees will be made to enrolled students.

II. Applicability

This policy applies to all undergraduate and graduate students.

III. Guidelines and Standards

A. This policy applies to the following sessions: Fall Session (16 and 8 week); Spring Session (16 and 8 week); Winter Session; and Summer (Sessions).

B. Undergraduate and graduate students are eligible for refunds based on the refund schedule published for each term. Refunds are calculated on a pro- rated basis from the official first day of classes as stated in the Academic Calendar. Undergraduate students who register as full-time and later drop to part-time status (less that 12 credits) after late registration has ended will not be entitled to refunds or financial adjustments based on a per credit hour charge. Charges for the terms shall remain at the full-time rate.

1. During the late registration period, tuition and fees for dropped classes shall be refunded at 100 percent.

2. After the late registration period, tuition shall be refunded at 50 percent for the following sessions.

  • Fall and Spring 16 week - through the 15th business day
  • Fall and Spring 8 week I & II - through the 10th business day
  • Winter - through the 3rd business day
  • Summer I and II - through the 7th business day
  • Summer III - through the 9th business day

3. The following mandatory fees are not refundable after the late registration period.

  • Activity
  • Athletic
  • Wellness Center Health
  • Student Union
  • Technology
  • Parking
  • Laboratory
  • University Construction Fee
  • Sustainability Fee

IV. Result

A means by which all students know tuition and fee refund schedule.

V. Exceptions and Deviations


Effective Date: 04/18/2014