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VI - 15.10 - Policy on Personal Computers

I. Purpose

To ensure that University-owned personal computers and the information  contained therein are utilized for University business only, that they are protected against man-made and/or natural harm, and that users comply with copyright and The Maryland Annotated Code, Crimes & Punishments, Article §§45A, 146 in their use of University computers.

II. Scope and Responsibility

Bowie State University, and its faculty, staff and students are  bound ethically to respect the rights of software developers and comply with federal  copyright laws and The Maryland Annotated Code, Crimes & Punishments, Article §§45A, 146. The policy against unlawful software copying applies to all faculty, staff and students of Bowie State University. The policy applies equally to all software for  microcomputers, minicomputers, mainframes, or any other devices; it also applies to software documentation.

III. Guidelines

A. Software

1. Opening a package of software constitutes agreement to comply with all provisions imposed by the developer of the software. It is the prerogative of a software developer is to limit a user's rights to copy software.

2. A person who acquires a copy of computer software will be conclusively deemed to have accepted and agreed to those provisions of the license agreement if: a written license or agreement is affixed to or packaged with the copy of computer software and states clearly that use of the copy of computer software will constitute acceptance of the terms of the accompanying license agreement, or that the opening of a sealed package, envelope or container in which the copy of computer software is contained will constitute acceptance of the terms of the accompanying license agreement.

3. When software is acquired by the University, the using department is responsible for reading and adhering to the terms and license agreement and preventing unauthorized copying.

4. Supervisors should ensure that employees and other persons having access are advised of restrictions and do not make copies without proper authority.

5. Software purchased by individuals is the responsibility of the individual.  Persons who knowingly aid in unauthorized copying also may be liable;  i.e., by loaning software to another person with the intent that the borrower will make an unauthorized copy, or by knowingly allowing one's  computer to be used for making an unauthorized copy.

6. Licensing agreements apply also to the software upgrades (newer updated version). Purchasing one copy of a software upgrade does not allow the  licensee to upgrade copies of the software on other computers nor does it allow the licensee to give away the old version.

B. Personal Computers

1. University owned personal computers (pc's) utilized by BSU employees are to be used for University business only.

2. Information created on or stored in University owned pc's belongs to the  University and may not be used by an employee for personal gain or for any purpose detrimental to the University's interests.

3. Information stored on University owned pc's is not to be deleted, altered, or copied for the purpose of removal and use without appropriate authorization.

4. Bowie State University employees using pc's are to insure that back-up copies of all critical information are taken on a routine basis.

5. Critical, sensitive, or confidential information should be kept on media which can be secured to prevent unauthorized access.

6. Upon separation or termination, employees must turn over University files to the supervisor of the area, if on diskette, or to provide written directions enabling the supervisor to access the information.  No files or information will be retained by individuals who are severing their connection with the University.

IV. Penalities

Individuals violating proprietary license agreements are subject to punishment  under the laws of The Maryland Annotated Code, Crimes & Punishments, Article §§45A, 146.


Revision Date:  05/23/1995