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VI - 4.10 - Policy on the Use of University Facilities and Food Service

A. FACILITIES AND FOOD SERVICE USE: Any group, organization, or individual desiring to use the facilities of Bowie State University for an activity or event must contact the Wiseman Centre office in the J. Alexander Wiseman Centre, Room 111, or call 860-3817 to determine the availability of the facility, date, and time. (For a current list of available facilities and the kinds of activities which may be held in each, contact the Director of the Wiseman Centre, ext. 3813.) It is the responsibility of the Director of the Wiseman Centre to ensure that no usage of facilities is scheduled in classroom buildings during instructional hours, as determined by the Office of Enrollment, Recruitment and Registration. Having determined availability, the representative for the planned activity or event must complete the "Facilities and Space Request Form," obtaining all required signatures, and return the completed form to the Wiseman Centre Office at least seven business days in advance of the date of the event for campus groups and at least ten business davs in advance of the event for community groups. [NOTE: For student groups, this must be done by the advisor of the group.]

Groups or individuals not employed by the University renting or otherwise using University facilities are required to show proof of insurance by presenting to the Wiseman Centre Office an insurance certificate with the minimum specified coverage for bodily injury and property loss, as specified in the agreement, and naming the University as co-insured. Maryland State agencies covered by the State's liability protection are exempt from this requirement, as are Prince George's County agencies covered by the County's liability protection. These entities are required to sign a contract which indemnifies the State in the event the State is sued regarding an event or activity which they have sponsored on the campus. University student groups and University personnel using facilities shall be covered by a policy of liability protection provided by the State Treasurer's Office.

Events involving the serving of food, i.e., luncheons, picnics, banquets, and the like, must follow the procedures outlined in the "Facilities and Space Use Form," and will make appropriate arrangements with the campus food service vendor during this process.

If the activity will involve alcoholic beverages, whether served or available through a cash bar, the request for use must be submitted at least ten business days prior to the day of the activity, and the sponsoring group has the responsibility for adhering to and enforcing the University policy on alcohol. Cash bar sales are limited to beer and wine, for which the University has a license. For sale of liquor other than beer or wine, the sponsoring group has the responsibility of acquiring the appropriate license(s) and providing them to the University at least ten days in advance of the event.

B. SPACE ALLOCATION: CLASSROOM SPACE assignments are made by the Registrar in consultation with the Dean, chairpersons and the Provost. The Registrar has the final authority to make classroom space assignments.

OFFICE SPACE assignments for University employees are made by the Provost or Vice President of the respective area to which the employee is assigned, i.e., faculty space assignments are made by the Provost, after consultation with the chairperson of the specific area; office assignments for persons in the area of Development and University Relations or Business and Finance are made by the Vice President of the respective area.


Effective Date:  03/04/1998