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VII - 9.40 - Policy on Salary Upon Transfer or Reclassification

I. Purpose

This procedure establishes the guidelines for salary upon transfer or reclassification within Bowie State University (BSU).

II. Applicability

This procedure is applicable to nonexempt maintenance, office, service, and technical staff.

III. Guidelines and Standards

A. Lateral or Reclassification

1. Upon lateral transfer or reclassification, an employee's salary shall remain the same.

B. Competitive Promotion and Reclassification Promotion

1. An employee's salary upon competitive promotion will increase a minimum of six percent (6%) by placement on the appropriate step in the new salary range. The hiring supervisor may recommend the percentage of increase to the Director of Human Resources. For increases greater than six percent (6%), the hiring supervisor will submit to the Director of Human Resources a written justification approved through the area Vice President or Provost. Such justification for promotion will be reviewed and approved by the Director of Human Resources using the following criteria:

a. The position is determined as difficult to fill based on the quality of the candidate pool and effort directed towards recruitment; or

b. The candidate's qualifications far exceed the minimum requirements and internal pay equity is fairly considered.

IV. Exceptions



Effective Date:  02/04/1999