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Section VIII - Fiscal and Business Affairs

VIII - 1.00 Policy on Approve Change of Signature on Bank Accounts

VIII - 1.10 Policy and Procedures for the Control of Capital Equipment

VIII - 1.20 Policy on the Disposal of Surplus Property

VIII - 2.30 Policy on Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver

VIII - 2.31 Policy on Tuition Waivers for Members of the Maryland National Guard

VIII - 2.41 Policy on Institutional Student Financial Aid for Undergraduate Students

VIII - 3.55 Policy on Stockless Stores Operation

VIII - 7.10 Policy and Procedures on Reporting Suspected Known Fiscal Irregularities

VIII - 11.00 Policy on Travel

VIII - 11.50 Policies and Procedures for the Use of State Vehicles

VIII - 11.60 Policy on Gasoline Credit Cards Issued to the University