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VIII - 3.55 - Policy on Stockless Stores Operation

I. Purpose

A. The stockless storeroom concept is a method of providing office supplies quickly and inexpensively. Under this concept, the vendor(s) assume(s) the costs and risks associated with procuring, maintaining, and distributing office supplies. The  vendor does the work of stocking, picking orders, record keeping, delivery and billing. The University benefits by having a larger array of quality merchandise with a faster turnaround time than can be provided in-house. The purpose of this policy is to establish the basis on which the University will conduct its stockless stores operation.

II. Applicability

A. Scope

This policy is applicable to all former users of Central Stores. This includes, but is not limited to, all administrative and academic departments, the Student Government Association, the University of Maryland Service Center and any grantee for whom the University's Accounts Payable Office processes payment.

B. Eligibility

To participate, a department must:

1. Have an established FRS account code,

2. Have funds available in object 09 (Supplies and Materials Other Than  Data Processing), and

3. Follow established procedures in the customized catalog provided by each vendor.

C. Responsibility

Each department is responsible for:

1. Following the established procedures for ordering,

2. Monitoring its account to prevent over expenditures, and

3. Monitoring each order to ensure compliance with the guidelines and standards listed below.

III. Guidelines and Standards

The following guidelines and standards are applicable:

A. The following items may not be purchased under this policy:

1. Furniture, including computer furniture

2. File cabinets

3. Signs, badges, award plaques

4. Corrugated cartons

5. Utility brushes

6. Envelopes

7. Forms (snap out and carbonless)

B. The department head and unit budget officer must sign the order before it is sent to the vendor.

C. Account balances must be sufficient to cover purchases.

D. Total orders must be less than $1,000.00.

E. No single item with a cost of $500.00 or more may be purchased.

F. All purchases must be delivered; no pick-ups are permitted.

G. Sensitive non-capital equipment ordered through stockless stores must be added to the department non-capital inventory list (See BSU Policy VIII-1.15-Care and Control of Non-Capital and Sensitive Equipment)

IV. Exceptions and Deviations

Any department found to be in violation of the above  guidelines and standards will be prohibited from participation in this program for one (1)  year. The department barred from participation will be required to follow the requisition  process as outlined in the Bowie State University Purchasing Policy and Procedure Manual, issued July 1991. Order processing may take from seven to ten work days under the requisition procedure.

V. Definitions



Effective Date:  09/14/1994