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Improving Retention at HBCUs: The Changing Face of HBCUs in the 21st Century
March 5 - 7, 2015, Ocean City, Maryland



Greetings Summit Participants,

Once again, on behalf of the Summit Steering Committee, we welcome each of you to our 18th Annual Regional HBCU on Retention. Thank you for your loyal and dedicated support of our efforts over the last seventeen years. Those of you who are here exemplify your commitment to your students and to your institutions.

The Summit continues to provide the opportunity for faculty, staff, and students to interact with one another as we all endeavor to devise creative and practical approaches to address and share strategies to enhance programs at all of our respective institutions. We are excited that despite economic down turns, we have continued to bring together inspired and dedicated stakeholders to a think tank in order to remain adaptable, motivated, and responsive to the challenges that we face during a time of nationwide and global changes. Together we remain on the frontline equipped to meet challenges and setbacks that we might encounter to ensure that we remain thriving entities.

This year, as we have done in the past, we will expand our collective knowledge, share our best practices, learn from one another, and grow together to strengthen our efforts in recruitment, retention, and graduation. Collectively, we will examine strategies, emerging technologies, and rapid changes on our campuses to create ways to meaningfully engage our students, providing uplifting paths to success as we direct them to take charge of their learning.

We have proudly served as co-chairs for the 17th and 18th Regional HBCU Summits on Retention. Thank you all for your overwhelming support and participation. Thank you for your comments and suggestions for program improvements and directions. We wish you a productive session as you spend the next three days exploring best practices and new strategies. We hope that you leave the Summit recharged, re-dedicated, and empowered to meet the challenges and spearhead positive changes for the changing faces of our campuses.

Juanita Gilliam
Co-chair, Regional HBCU Summit Steering Committee
Doctoral Student and Professor of English and Language Arts
Morgan State University

Thomas James, Ph.D.
Co-chair, Regional HBCU Summit Steering Committee
Assistant Professor of Curriculum and Instruction
Coppin State University