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2017 Summit


20th Annual Regional HBCU summit on retention

Improving Retention at HBCUs:

Students Thriving Amid Tumultuous Social, Political, and Global Changes

Conference Dates:

March 16th  – March 18th, 2017

Ocean City, MD

Bowie flameTwentieth Annual Regional HBCU summit on retention

Dear Colleagues,

This year, we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Annual Regional HBCU Summit on Retention. On behalf of the Steering Committee, I am inviting you to and hoping that you will enthusiastically participate in the discussions on student retention, student persistence, and student attrition.  This year’s conference theme is: Improving Retention at HBCUs: Students Thriving Amid Tumultuous Social, Political, and Global Challenges.   Today’s political, social, and global challenges are having a significant impact on traditional educational practices in homes, schools, universities, and industry.  Students must be given the facts about the forces that will have the greatest influence on their present and future lives, and be prepared to manage the forces using constructive strategies that will allow them to thrive and be successful.  The Summit continues to seek ways to help students, faculty, staff, and administrators address the challenges that affect a student’s ability to focus on his/her academic needs.  We want them to be able to persist and graduate in five years or fewer.

We look forward to hearing the ideas and strategies that will be presented during the concurrent sessions that will help us expand our thoughts and methodologies regarding retention, attrition, and “stopping out.” It is our desire that you will take back to your campuses ideas and “implementable” plans that will improve student retention and graduation rates at your institutions.  Our student partners will continue to share their issues and concerns that lead to attrition.  Our faculty, staff, and administrators will continue to listen.  This year, as in the past nineteen years, the Summit will continue to work and support all retention efforts that give African American and other minority students at all institutions, especially HBCUs, opportunities to stay in school and graduate from college.  The 20th Summit will continue the Summit’s legacy of providing numerous opportunities for its conferees to gain new knowledge, share technical and clinical experiences, and network with colleagues.

Keynote speakers and concurrent session presenters will address all aspects of student retention.  The Summit will provide faculty at public K-12 schools, technical schools, community colleges, and four-year colleges and universities with information that will help them prepare all students for a future that includes an undergraduate college degree, one or more graduate degrees, and/or a professional school degree.

As with each of the Summits, the 20th Annual Regional HBCU Summit on Retention will enhance your knowledge, widen your network, stimulate you, and expand your vision. We are very excited about this event and look forward to welcoming you to Ocean City, Maryland on March 16, 2017.


Joan Langdon

Chair and Coordinator, Regional HBCU Summit on Retention (2017)

Professor of Computer Science and Director, Title III, Bowie State University