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New Equipment Request Form

Click to view/save form

The link above is an interactive PDF form to assist users when requesting new equipment quotes. Select the link to open and save the file directly to your desktop.  Double click the file and it will open in Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat Professional.  Please fill out the form completely to ensure a smooth process.

Once form is filled out completely, save the form by doing the following: 

  1. Select “File” and click “Save-As
  2. Choose a location to save your PDF once the save window appears
  3. Rename your file then click "Save".
  4. Click Print to sign your name in the Requestor Signature section
  5. Retrieve signatures through the proper chain of command
  6. Scan and email the completed form to
  7. Retain the original for your records.

Please click the equipment and accessories link to review the manufacturers specs to select which product works best for you and your office.


*Apple Products: Please be advised, a justification is required for all Apple product requests. (Exceptions: FPAC, Special Grants, Chairs, Deans, and VP's which must have equipment in their possession and must be used as their main system at all times.)