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Digital Media Arts


"I'll be a game changer!"

Refusing to limit her aspirations because of her gender, Amber aims to become a concept artist in the video game industry. Although this is a traditionally male-dominated field, Amber has always embraced the idea of defying convention and exploring different paths. She enjoys alternative music, fashion best described as punk, and things that most consider geeky.

“I felt like an outcast in high school. But at Bowie, I was accepted for who I am and learned that there’s nothing wrong with being different,” says Amber. “I found amazingly diverse mindsets at Bowie with people from different nationalities and cultures and religions and that helped me find confidence in my own skin.”

An artist since age 7, Amber knew she wanted a diverse environment to feed her creativity and nurture the second voice that allows her to tell stories when she can’t find the words. Guided by professors who demanded her best efforts, she says she found the strength to mold her uniqueness to her advantage.

Now president of the Artists Guild, Amber says she’s learning to be a self-motivated leader. She’s adopted the advice of one professor to “just do it, and do it well.”