New Student Orientation


The sessions for the 2014 New Student Orientation will consist of two parts;
(1) placement testing and academic advisement, which is mandatory; and
(2) Discover BSU, which is optional.

Once you have paid your $80 enrollment fee, you must select one of the dates listed for placement testing and academic advising and register. After you have selected your date, you can also select to attend Discover BSU.

Freshman Students:  
January 8, 2014 (Placement Testing & Academic Advising) FULL
January 22, 2014 (Placement Testing & Academic Advising)  at 12:00 pm

Transfer Students:   
January 8, 2014 (Placement Testing & Academic Advising) FULL
January 14, 2014 (Placement Testing & Academic Advising) FULL
January 21, 2014 (Placement Testing & Academic Advising) Rescheduled: Wed. Jan. 22 at 12:00pm

Freshman & Transfer Students:
Register for Placement Testing & Academic Advising
Discover BSU Orientation

  • Placement Testing is directed by Ms. Doris Gillard and University Testing Services (UTS). All first-time freshman and transfer students who have not completed their English, reading, and mathematics requirements are required to take placement examinations prior to registering for classes. Performance on the placement examinations determines the courses in which students must enroll.
    More Info  Questions? Contact: 301-860-3295.

  • Academic Advising is directed by Dr. Yvette C. Galloway and the Academic Advising Center (AAC). The Academic Advising Center team provides centralized and integrated academic advising services in one-on-one and group settings. We advise new freshman and transfer students upon entry and will continue to advise you each semester until you complete 59 credits, unless you are majoring in nursing, computer science, English and social work, when you will see an advisor in your major department.
    More Info Questions? Contact: 301-860-4072.

  • Discover BSU is an event facilitated by Ms. Tamisha C. Jackson and the New Student Orientation Leaders.  Discover BSU is a one day crash-course separate from placement testing and academic advising, which provides an introduction into campus life. Students will receive a BSU T-Shirt and book bag, meet fellow classmates, student leaders and important campus departments, and participate in evening activities. Meals will be provided.
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