How do I add another user to my Blackboard course?

There are two ways you can add users to your Blackboard course/community:

Option A

The instructor/leader can add users by going to Control Panel -> Users & Groups.

Select Usrs and Groups from Course Control Panel

Click on Enroll User. Then select Find Users to Enroll.

Select Usrs and Groups from Course Control Panel

Enter the usernames separated by commas. Keep the role set to Student/Participant.

Select Usrs and Groups from Course Control Panel

You can also click BROWSE to search the Bb database to find people, but this will take a lot of time. A student/participant can view content and interact with the course/community with limited rights. An instructor/leader can manage the course/community, upload documents and manage the content, create web conferences, configure settings, etc. You are currently set up as an instructor/leader, but it’s easy to change someone’s role to add another.

Option B

Provide the Bb admin with a list of users in the following format:


An Excel spreadsheet is fine. This option is particularly useful if you have a large number of users to add to a course/community because it’s very fast.

Typically, non-University users cannot be added to Bb because of the way we authenticate and contract limitations. However, if there’s a particularly compelling reason (e.g., accreditation, special guests, etc.), we can work around it as long as we have sufficient documentation.