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Q: How Can I Request a Transcript?

A: Alumni who wish to obtain an official Bowie State University transcript should visit the Transcript Services site.

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Q: How Can I Request a Diploma?

A: To secure a duplicate copy of your Bowie State University diploma, visit the Registrar’s Office site.

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Q: How Can I Resolve My Student Account Balance?

A: Alumni who wish to obtain information on account balances should contact the Office of Student Accounts at 301-860-3490. Information on account balances may be requested in writing by sending a signed letter to:

Bowie State University Student Accounts
Henry Administration Building
14000 Jericho Park Road
Bowie, MD 20715

Your signed letter should include the following information:

  1. Current name and name while attending Bowie State University
  2. Student identification number or Social Security number
  3. Current address
  4. Phone number
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Q: How Can I Join the Bowie State University National Alumni Association?

A: You can join the National Alumni Association by using our online form and payment system.

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Q: How Can I Contact a Classmate?

A: To contact a classmate, log in to the Bowie State University online community. If you are not a member of the online community, you will have to register on the website. From there, you can contact your classmate if they are a member of the online community. 

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Q: How Can I Buy a BSU License Plate?

A: To order your BSU license plate or to renew your BSU license plate, do the following:

  1. Print the license plate application form.
  2. Complete sections A through D only. Do not fill in any other part of the application.
  3. Make check payable to BSUNAA. Plate fees:
    • $25.00 for previously registered vehicles
    • $90.00 for newly registered vehicles
  4. Mail completed form and check to:
    Anita Ford, BSUNAA Plates Chairperson
    P.O. Box 174
    Bowie, MD 20719

NOTE: Please do not mail this form to the MVA. License plates will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. The first plate issued was BSU001. Unfortunately, we are not able to accept request for specific numbers. Upon receipt of your BSU plates, you must return your old plate(s) and registration card to the MVA for cancellation.

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Q: How Can I Give to BSU?

A: You can make a donation online or mail a check made payable to the BSU Foundation at P.O. Box 939, Bowie, MD 20718-0939. Indicate the designation on the memo line.

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