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Get Ready - Workday is Going Live!

Go Live Dates

  • Human Capital Management (formerly HR): June 26, 2024 (new date)
  • Finance Modules: July 1, 2024

Bowie State University will soon replace the current Human Resources and Finance System (PeopleSoft) with Workday, a cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning system designed to meet the specialized needs of higher education. The project, known as Maryland Connect, is a collaborative effort of five University System of Maryland schools. Bowie State is joined by Coppin State University, Frostburg State University and the University of Baltimore. 


Get Started With Workday Training

All employees will have access to a personalized suite of training modules for Workday based on your role in the university. Instructor-Led Training and Learning Labs have begun!

Access Workday Learning Portal

Organize your training

Step 1: Watch Computer-Based Training modules –  Start with CBT video introduction to Workday processes at your own pace. See your required training on your personal homepage.

CBTs  for all employees:

  • Workday Basics 101 CBT
  • Manage Personal Information in Workday CBT
  • Enter, View and Submit time CBT
  • Absence & Time Management CBT
  • Spend Authorization and Expense Reports CBT
  • Reporting and Dashboards CBT

Step 2: Register for Instructor-Led Training and Learning Labs.  Get interactive instruction, hands-on instruction for your required training modules

Step 3: Register for your Role-based required Instructor-Led Training and Learning Labs training sessions

The Road to Launch

After more than two years of preparation, the Workday Project team began the final phase of implementation that began in the summer of 2023.

2023 Summer/Fall

Project team end-to-end testing

Project team training materials review & approval

2024 Winter

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) training pilots

2024 Spring

End user training in HCM and Finance activities begins

2024 Summer

Workday Go Live on July 1, 2024


What’s Included in Workday


  • Foundation data model
  • Financial accounting
  • Payroll accounting
  • Budget
  • Customer accounts
  • Grants
  • Supplier accounts
  • Expenses
  • Banking and settlements
  • Procurement
  • Projects
  • Adaptive planning
  • Business assets

Human Resources

  • Compensation
  • HCM core
  • Payroll
  • Benefits
  • Talent and performance
  • Time tracking
  • Absence and leave
  • Learning
  • Recruiting
  • Academic staffing

Benefits of Workday

For Executives

Workday provides real-time data and insights, equipping leaders with the information they need for strategic and timely decision-making.

For Managers

Workday aids in resource planning and performance tracking, allowing managers to effectively align their teams with overall business objectives.

For Finance Professionals

Workday simplifies complex financial processes, offers real-time reporting, and enhances transparency in financial operations.

For IT Staff

Workday's cloud-based architecture reduces the burden of system maintenance and upgrades, allowing IT teams to focus more on strategic tech initiatives.

For HR Professionals

Workday not only streamlines the recruitment process, but also simplifies the entire hiring and onboarding process. For Managers Workday aids in resource planning and performance

For Employees

Workday allows employees to manage their personal information, submit spend authorizations, file expense reports, and track their performance.