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Experiential Learning Opportunities

Students have the opportunity to codesign and plan with our supportive faculty and staff an educational experience at Bowie State University that will maximize your participation and benefit from a wide range of experiential learning activities.

  • About Experiential Learning

    About Experiential Learning

    Rather than through lecture alone, experiential learning actively involves students in hands-on experiences within real-world, expert guided, laboratory, role-play, or simulated situations and settings. As a result, students are placed in the center of the learning process, and the entire campus and world becomes their classroom. This provides for authentic and meaningful learning for students, through which their potential and transformation is unleashed. 

  • Benefits of Experiential Learning

    Benefits of Experiential Learning

    Educational research on experiential learning indicates many student benefits and success outcomes. Experiential learning activities allow students to have direct hands-on experience and focused reflection in order to increase knowledge, develop skills, clarify values, and develop individual capacity to contribute to their communities. Students deepen understanding of coursework, practice skills, solve complex problems, build brands, explore career options, expand professional networks, gain resume experience, discover their "Why," and more.

  • Types of Experiential Learning Activities

    Types of Experiential Learning Activities

    Experiential learning is a broad term that encompases a wide range of types of experiential learning activities. Across the university, experiential learning activities integrated throughout the curriculum and co-curriculum both on- and off-campus take many different forms for students. Examples include internships, research, entrepreneurship, study aboard, labs, capstones, leadership positions, community service, projects, intensive writing, practicums, e-portfolios, learning communities, simulations, volunteering, competitions, and more.

  • Search and Apply for Experiential Learning Opportunities

    Apply for Experiential Learning Opportunities

    The Student Opportunity Center System (SOC) powered by PeopleGrove is a centralized database of a wide range of experiential learning opportunities. Students and alumni can use the SOC System to explore and apply for thousands of on-campus and off-campus experiential learning opportunities. Log in to your pregenerated account today!

  • Help with Experiential Learning

    Help with Experiential Learning

    Experiential learning is happening every day across campus within and beyond the classroom as it is a transformational component of the BSU undergraduate and graduate education. Since experiential leanring is a part of the curriculum and co-curriuclar opportunities, students and alumni often get help from a variety of faculty, staff, and resources found in the various departments and offices at the university.

Office of Experiential and Integrative Learning

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