A Message from the President

A Message from the President

December 17, 2019

2020-2030 Facilities Master Plan Process

I am pleased to announce that Bowie State University is embarking on a collaborative effort to develop an integrated, comprehensive Facilities Master Plan that will provide a strategic vision for the university from 2020-2030. The plan development process is designed to encourage consensus building by providing numerous opportunities to engage both campus and community constituents to imagine the future.

The Facilities Master Plan will be a collection of powerful ideas – a tool that will align the academic, spatial, fiscal and physical vision for the university, while embracing long-term sustainability. The university’s Racing to Excellence Strategic Plan will drive this opportunity-based document, which will provide a flexible framework for campus development. It will establish capital priorities, optimize resources and opportunities, and most importantly, be implementable. The final plan should reflect the values, aspirations and strategic goals of Bowie State University, University System of Maryland, the City of Bowie, Prince George’s County and the State of Maryland.

Mr. Anthony Savia, vice president for administration and finance, will guide development of the 2020-2030 Facilities Master Plan, working in concert with the planning and design firm of Hord-Copelan-Macht. The steering committee, composed of the Cabinet and student representatives, will provide high-level oversight and review of proposed plans. A workgroup comprised of key persons representing targeted university functions, shared governance groups and students will play the critical role of input and review throughout the plan development process. Additionally, other members of the campus community, as well as county and city officials, will participate in surveys, focus groups or individual interviews to share ideas about the future needs of the university.

The 12-month, inclusive plan development process is comprised of five steps:

  1. Discovery Phase: In this step, our consultants will conduct surveys and focus groups with the university community gather information about your perspectives on the facilities needs of the institution.
  1. Needs Assessment, Analysis and Overview Phase: This step builds further understanding of space utilization and the campus systems, including vehicular and pedestrian traffic, building uses and natural features. Once the information is gathered and assessed, project recommendations are proposed.
  1. Recommendations and Evaluation Phase: Three concept ideas generated by the consultants for review by the workgroup and steering committee will provide the framework to derive a single Facilities Master Plan from the best ideas presented.
  1. Plan Development and Refinement Phase: This step provides time to review the proposed master plan and make detailed adjustments.
  1. Draft and Final Report Phase: This last step documents the entire process in a report that will be a tool for addressing the physical, social, intellectual and sustainability challenges Bowie State will face in the next decade. It will provide a realistic roadmap for implementation of the plan recommendations.

Together, we have the chance to guide Bowie State University’s future development by setting capital priorities, optimizing our existing valuable resources and continuing to establish a “sense of place.” I invite you to share your ideas and your vision for Bowie State University by participating in upcoming discussions about the plan, beginning in January 2020.

Thank you always for your cooperation and participation.