A Message from the President

June 29, 2023

Statement on the Supreme Court Decision Regarding Race-Conscious Admissions

The Supreme Court’s majority opinion today in two cases concerning affirmative action in college admissions validates the necessity and value of Historically Black Colleges and Universities in the 21st century, as HBCUs were established as a response to a lack of educational access to black U.S. citizens.

The ruling is contrary to 45 years of precedent upholding the constitutionality of race-conscious admissions. This may seem daunting and unfair, but Bowie State has a history of rising to meet challenges.

BSU was founded in 1865 as a response to the state’s failure to fund schools for newly freed slaves and to educate a population that was disregarded. Now, 158 years later, our institution is still dedicated to serving all students regardless of their race, ethnicity, nationality or other protected status and provide them what is required to hone their skills and abilities by accessing a high-quality education.

Our university core values are grounded in a commitment to provide higher education opportunities for all. Inclusivity and diversity are key components of BSU’s values, and we are focused on creating a supportive nurturing environment for our students. The recent increases in our enrollment of students of all backgrounds, is testament to the value that families have found in the quality programs that we offer. As a public university, we will continue to work to make our campus a beacon of opportunity.

Bowie State University Core Values

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