A Message from the President

November 3, 2021

Time for a Time-out to Focus on Wellness

Dear Bowie State University Campus Community,

Thank you for your continued dedication and persistence as true Bulldogs while we continue to deliver education in the face of ongoing challenges caused by the pandemic. While the pandemic has been a shared experience, each individual has been touched in their own unique way. As a caring and supportive environment for our faculty, staff and students, we recognize that emotional health and well-being are essential to the continued success of our campus community.

In recognition of the impact we have encountered as a campus community, and to support the intellectual as well as the physical and mental wellness of our university, BSU will be adjusting normal operations, designating November 22 – 24, 2021 as BSU Wellness Week.

What is Wellness Week?

Wellness Week will consist of three days to take a time-out; to stop our daily routines and acknowledge, individually and collectively, the toll of the extraordinary challenges we continue to face. Classes will be canceled on Monday, November 22 and the university will be closed on Tuesday and Wednesday in advance of the Thanksgiving holiday.

All members of our campus community, faculty, staff and students, are encouraged to participate and to use the time leading up to and including Thanksgiving to focus on self-care and the care of other Bulldogs.

The schedule for Wellness Week is as follows:

  • Monday, Nov. 22 – All classes cancelled. Faculty and staff will report for normal work hours. Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to participate in wellness activities to be held across the campus.
  • Tuesday, Nov. 23 – The university is closed.
  • Wednesday, Nov. 24 – The university is closed.
  • Thursday and Friday, Nov. 25-26 – The university is closed in observance of the Thanksgiving Holiday.

How You Can Participate

The full day of activities on Nov. 22 will focus on numerous ways for students, faculty and staff to relax, de-stress, and renew mental energies and come together as a community before leaving campus for the holiday. Activities will range from yoga and boxing classes, to a bubble room and aromatherapy, to foot and chair massage. A schedule of activities will be available in the coming days to facilitate planning your day.

I encourage every member of our Bulldog Community to take advantage of this opportunity to take care of yourself so that you can return refreshed and rejuvenated to finish the semester strong. Many wonderful things are happening across the university in our departments and programs, and we must all be our best selves to see them through to fruition. This timely break is vitally important in our effort to assure the success of our students and the viability of the university.

Questions regarding Wellness Week should be addressed to the Office of Human Resources. Please contact Ms Anjanette Evans at x23452 or Ms. Mary Harrison a x23455.

Take care and be well.