A Message from the President

January 6, 2021

Statement on the Violence in Washington, DC

On this historic day, our nation should be celebrating our democracy and our longstanding tradition of the peaceful transition of power from one administration to the next. Instead, I am deeply disturbed and saddened by the insurrection and violence that was on display.

Today’s events demonstrate the need for all of us as citizens to stay vigilant in the face of deep-seated ideological divisions and actors that threaten to undermine American values and democracy. Those who have been elected to office have a duty to uphold our Constitution and the rights therein, not tear them down. The darkness that descended on our Capitol cannot cast a shadow on the ideals of the many people who stood up to have their voices heard during the election.

As president of the first historically black university in Maryland, I am heartened to see the enthusiasm of our students and other young people as they peacefully advocate for change. I urge everyone in the Bowie State University campus community to remain engaged in our democratic processes at all levels to ensure the future of America.

The chaotic and anti-American riots that have taken place amplify the importance of institutions like public universities to continue educating our young voters not only of the challenges we face as a nation, but of the ways we can rise above the unrest and divisiveness that plagues our society. The history of our nation and its people stand as a testament to our resolve and ability to weather such difficult times, and it gives me hope that we as a country can survive this assault on our democracy and ensure that incivility and violence have no place in our world.