A Message from the President

May 29, 2020


Statement on the Violence in Minneapolis

The tragic events unfolding in Minneapolis are yet another reminder that systemic discrimination and violence against African Americans still plague our society.

Since its founding, our Bowie State University community has stood for the inclusion of diverse cultures and voices, and has wholeheartedly condemned acts of violence and incivility. I am deeply troubled by the tragic death of another African American male, George Floyd, in Minneapolis and the rioting that is occurring in response.

We must not let this tragedy go unnoticed. I encourage the BSU community to continue listening to the voices of people of all races that are crying out for change. While I am disheartened by the events in Minneapolis, I know we are stronger when we stand together and use our voices for what we know is right and just for all.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King