A Message from the President

April 23, 2020


Virtual Commencement Celebration Set for Spring 2020 Graduates


I am very pleased to announce that a date has been selected for a virtual ceremony to  celebrate our Spring 2020 graduates as they reach a very important milestone in their lives. The first virtual Commencement ceremony at Bowie State University will take place on June 26, at 3 p.m.


Among the elements of the virtual celebration, students will have the opportunity to submit a photo and a short celebratory video message. Congratulatory messages from campus leaders and other supporters are also planned. A YouTube video of all the presentations will be available, and students and families will also be able to search for the video segment of the individual students they most want to view.


Each graduate for whom a degree was conferred by the Registrar will be highlighted in the virtual event. The clearance process for pending graduates will take place May 27 – June 3.


I remain committed to ensuring our May graduates will have the opportunity for an in-person celebration. Plans for an in-person ceremony are still under review. I want you to know that I very much want to see you all walk across that commencement stage.  I want to shake your hand to the cheers of all your family and friends acknowledging the hard work you put in to earn your degrees. While we must go through this time of social distancing, we look forward to being together again soon.


I’d like to thank the special planning committee led by Ms. Nancy Martin, for their diligence in developing this virtual celebration. The committee included representatives from all of the shared governance groups with the senior class president and Graduate Student Association president among them. The committee will continue refining the details for the event and will communicate with students about your participation. I hope to see your smiling faces on the virtual screen in June. I am so proud of each of you.


Best wishes, and be well.