Department of Computer Science

Computer Science (M.S.)

Master's Program Coordinator: Dr. Sharad Sharma (

The Master of Science in Computer Science program expands upon fundamental computer science concepts including growth areas such as software security, big data, software engineering, artificial intelligence, computer graphics, cyber security, and data science. This program expands the student's in-depth knowledge in theory was well as in practice. Topics include design and analysis of algorithms, data mining, virtual reality, and advanced wireless security. This program builds upon the computer science foundation to increase the knowledge base of our students in order for them to pursue diverse 21st century careers.

Objectives of the program are to:

  1.     Expand a student's knowledge base in cutting-edge applications, processes,and tools used in the computer science discipline.
  2.     Enable a student who holds an undergraduate degree to retool their education in order to seek a new career in a STEM related discipline.
  3.     Enhance a student's earning potential through the completion of an advanced degree.