Enhanced and Existing Safety at Bowie State

The University President has released a message concerning enhanced and existing safety measures on campus.

 Department of Fine and Performing Arts

Chayla Duppins

How COVID-19 has Affected Black Students

Thesis Statement

My senior thesis is titled “How COVID-19 has Affected Black Students.” The purpose behind selecting this topic is to bring awareness to how much this pandemic has affected the lives of black students. To execute my vision, I wanted to use a combination of my graphic design and digital art skills. I chose to create digital portraits of four Bowie State students. They are all side profiles of them wearing masks with two of them facing the left and the other two facing the right. While capturing their side profiles, I was able to interview them, getting their experiences and opinions on the Coronavirus pandemic. Along with this, they were able to share activities that they have done to stay occupied during the pandemic. Researched information regarding COVID-19 in Maryland is also included. More information regarding COVID-19 in Maryland can be found at https://coronavirus.maryland.gov .

  • The Coronavirus pandemic has affected the lives of many. I chose to focus on Black students, as
    I am currently receiving an education while trying to work through the negative effects of
    COVID-19. The pieces created are to inform others on how serious this pandemic is through
    statistics that were provided as of January 2021. Four Bowie students were interviewed, sharing
    ways that COVID-19 has affected themselves and others. Along with this, they shared songs that
    could be thought of while washing hands for 20 seconds, and socially-distanced activities to do
    during this pandemic.