Department of Accounting, Finance & Economics

Accounting Concentration

If you think accounting is just another desk job, think again. When you save small business thousands of dollars, discover a major financial error or help someone create financial plans for a more secure future, you’re a vital member of your team. As new specializations and opportunities emerge that didn’t exist even five years ago, a career in accounting is as conservative or as exhilarating as you make it. Our program will give you the individual attention to find the best fit for your interests and prepare you with the education, skills and resources to excel in the career of your choice.

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Accounting requires conceptualization. You’ll decipher and absorb the information in your courses, then exercise what you learn in hands-on applications that allow you to put the numbers to work. Learn cost and managerial accounting. Study auditing. Explore taxation. Our curriculum gives students a multi-dimensional perspective of accounting to introduce them to the many critical ways it influences and impacts business. You will:

  • Identify key issues, then research and evaluate credible data sources to help solve them.
  • Use quantitative and qualitative skills to gather and analyze information.
  • Apply accounting standards that are applicable in US and in the global economy.
  • Review, analyze and write financial and business reports.
  • Understand how cultural and legal practices affect accounting in global business environments.

In addition, accounting students learn how to prepare individual and corporate tax returns from highly-credentialed professors who have decades of experience. Many are also entrepreneurs who own and operate successful practices and share not only theoretical knowledge, but practical experience with their students.