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This summer Bulldog Scholars Academy (BSA) is offering two tracks: Bulldog Science Academy, which offers Natural Science majors a hands-on deep dive into the sciences and the traditional Academy, which offers interdisciplinary learning experiences that prepare students for college.

Here is a snapshot of the BSA experience:

Academics: Students will enroll in credit-bearing general education courses. 

Academic and Personal Support: All scholars will be assigned to a mentoring group and have access to tutors/supplemental instructors.

Grownish 101: Participants will be encouraged to think about what it means to be a college student by engaging in a series of personal explorations and skill building activities that address some of the following questions: Who am I? What kind of impact do I want to make? What are my strengths? What are my changing roles and responsibilities? How do I manage my time and think proactively? What kinds of relationships do I want to cultivate? How do I manage finances and plan for the future?

Alumni Spotlight: Bowie State graduates share their college journey and what it took to get where they are today. This is an opportunity for scholars to network and learn about the diverse opportunities available to them.

Majors Exploration: Scholars will have opportunities to connect with faculty across disciplines and learn about career tracks.

Extracurricular Activities: The summer will be packed with fun and inspiring activities. Last year, scholars participated in team building activities, intramural sports, games, arts and crafts, outdoor adventures, fitness classes, and much more. 

Residential Experience: Scholars will live in one of BSU's freshman residence halls. 

BSA 2024 Academic Offerings

This summer scholars will connect with faculty, earn academic credits, and engage in project-based learning. Explore the many opportunities below.

  • Earn 3 credits, plus $500 scholarship. Students take MATH 141 (Pre-Calculus) and attend interactive science workshops with BSU Natural Sciences faculty and guest speakers. This summer will focus on cancer research. 

  • Students earn 6 credits by taking MATH 141 (Pre-Calculus) and CTEC 125 (Intro to Python Programming). Students will learn and use the Python language to create programs that solve real-world problems. Open to all majors. Perfect for Computer Technology majors.

  • Students earn 6 credits by taking CTEC 114 (Computing Tools and Environments) and HEED 102 (Life and Health). Students will become familiar with basic concepts in computer operating systems and internet tools. They will use these tools to design a solution for a contemporary issue related to Life and Health. Open to all majors except Business Administration.
  • Students earn 6 credits by taking PHIL 101 (Intro to Philosophy) and COMM 101 (Oral Communications). Students will explore the theory of knowledge, ethics and metaphysics, combined with the basic theory of effective oral communication. Students will produce a podcast to share what they've learned. 
  • Students earn 6 credits by taking MGMT 101 (Business Management) and PSYC 101 (Intro to Psychology). Students will explore the intersection of mental well-being, and pitch research-based innovations.
  • Students earn 6 credits by taking EDUC 101 (Intro to Education) and SOCI 101 (Intro to Sociology). Students will explore the role of education in society and its impact on particular groups with special focus on Black men in education. 

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