May 28 2024

Adobe Creative Cloud Information Sessions

9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Creating Adobe Centered Assignments (10:00am-11:20am) 

Session Description:

In this session up will learn to create new assignments from scratch by working backward from what you are assessing for as well as how to redesign an existing assignment using Adobe tools.

Assessing Adobe Centered Assignments (11:30am-12:50pm)

Session Description:

This session will focus on how to assess creative assignments creatively. We will cover rubrics as well as alternative assessment strategies to help you track student learning. 

Adobe Express for Syllabi (1:40pm-3:00pm)

Session Description:

Learn how to use Adobe Express to create a digital syllabus that includes course information for mobile viewing. 



Center for Natural Sciences, Mathematics & Nursing, 1221 & 1223



Eva Garin