Four Year Experience


The Four-Year Experience involves an interview process for students in each classification at Bowie State University (freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior). It is a brief interview with a counselor according to your classification. The interview represents an opportunity for counselors to assist students with academic and personal issues. Additionally, the counselor may provide information about additional campus resources. The freshman interview is conducted as a part of the Freshman Seminar course during either the fall or spring semester of your first year.  Additional interviews are strongly encouraged and have proven to be beneficial for students.

Freshman Interview

The freshman interviews are conducted by the Freshman Counselor and/or Peer Counselors. The interview is an opportunity for incoming students to become acclimated to Bowie State University. During the interview, students are provided a forum in which to share any concerns or issues regarding their adjustment to Bowie State University.

Sophomore Interview

The sophomore interviews are conducted by the Sophomore Counselor. It is an opportunity for the counselor to ensure that the sophomore student is on track for his or her major at Bowie State University, as well as the transition to the Junior year.

Junior Interview

The junior interviews are conducted by the Junior counselor. The junior interview assists students with personal and/or career issues. The student also is granted an opportunity to prepare for the senior year.

Senior Interview

The senior interviews are conducted by the Senior counselor. In the interview, graduating seniors are provided a forum to articulate their experiences at Bowie State University, and prepare for their impending graduation. The Senior counselor will also make sure that the senior has met all of the requirements for their major as well as for the university. The interview also provides a time for preparing for graduate school and/or career planning.